How To Install Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets


1. Download the presets to your mobile device.

3. Open Lightroom app.

4. Create a new album to store your presets into: click on the “+” button then create a new album. Name your album “Oakway Presets” or presets pack name. This way all the files will be in one place.

5. Find and click on the “+” button near the bottom-right and choose From Camera Roll.

6. Select all of the DNG presets (the ones you extracted from .zip file and are located in Mobile folder) and click Add.

7. Select a preset that you want to use. Click on the “•••” button on the top-right and tap “Create Preset”. Give the preset a name.

8. You can choose to create a folder for these presets by clicking “User Presets” and then clicking “Create New Preset Group” at the bottom. Name the folder “Oakway Presets” (or any other). If you don’t want to make a folder, that’s fine. They will automatically save under “User Presets”.

9. Repeat this step for each DNG file, as you will need to save each preset separately. Don’t worry though, you’ll only need to do this once!

(NOTE: Don’t forget to add each preset to the new folder you created, otherwise they will default to the “User Presets” folder.)


1. Download presets.

2. Open Lightroom and go to the Develop Module and locate the Presets Panel on the left side.

3. Click the “+” button on the right side of that panel and click the Import Presets option.

4. Go to the location on your computer where you saved the extracted preset files, choose it and click the Import button.

That’s it! Presets are imported and you can use them now.